SUBJECT:                         Physical Education

Topic:                            walking

Grades:                         1-3


Resources:                    Playing area, whistle, Traffic Cones


Objective:                      Is for each student to effectively master the skills        of walking.


INTRODUCTION:       The student would be shown the different ways in walking.   Including walking in a straight line.

Walking in a circle.   Walking in step with partner. Walking relay.



      Teaching Methods

             Student Activity

The teacher would instruct student

To walk in a straight line for 30

Seconds at the blow of the whistle,

Stand still, this will be repeated to

Ensure that each student under

Stands the activity.

Walking in a straight line, stop

Start, routine for 2 minutes.


Traffic cones set to reflex the walking Path Do no touch the cones walk Carefully around the cones



        Walking in a circle. Stop start

routine for one minute



The student will change directions with   walking in different directions. The blow of the whistle (3 minutes).




step with a partner A walking pattern


Each group of partners will walk in a Different pattern.  Three (3) groups with   (in straight line, in circle, in each person having a partner to perform different directions. 




walking in directions


Each student will walk to a partner and Walking relay Stop    and the next until everyone has Complete the routine, an object will be used to pass on.







Relay walking



Conclusion: Students are asked by show of hands to identified some of the routines and some of the objects that were used while performing the routines.