Tennis Ball Scramble

Tennis Ball Scramble may be used with tennis balls or sponge nerf balls, the size of tennis balls.

one ball per student
Each ball must have different number on it. Each student is given a ball and then asked to remember the number.
All students replace their tennis ball in a bucket/pail.
All students have one hand on any wall, facing the wall. The teacher will take the bucket of balls and throw them in all directions.
On the signal GO, students try to retrieve their ball as quickly as possible. If a student picks up a ball that does not belong to them, they may roll underhand (if using tennis balls) or throw (if using soft spongy nerf balls) anywhere in the gym. Students may only pick up one ball at a time.
Students may yell Bingo when they find their ball and go to a certain area designated by the teacher.
The game continues until all balls are found. Game may also be called: Snowball or Bingo

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