I got stuck inside a classroom for a week during a football unit due to rain.  The classroom had multi-colored tiiles throughout and was empty of desks.  My 1st-5th grade students all really enjoyed this game.   The speed of the game naturally increases through the grades.

Divide the class into 2 teams.  Designating a color of tile for each team (red vs blue tiles).  Each team gets a colored nerf football that corresponds to the color tile team they are.  When the whistle is blown and the timer begins for 2 minutes, each team passes footballs to their teammates only and count successful passes.  Jumping to catch a pass is allowed as long as they land with at least one foot on their tile. Two nerf footballs are going simultaneously.  They must keep at least one foot on their square at all times and may not move to another square until the end of the 2 minutes and "scramble" is announced.  The older grades (4th +) are allowed to intercept footballs forcing the opposing team to start back at zero.  If a ball hits the ground due to an unsuccessful pass the counting starts over with zero count to the player who retrieves the ball.  The counting needs to be loud enough for all the hear which keeps the excitement high.  At the end
Cooperation and encouragement are emphasized.  It comes natural for the success of this game and the kids catch on right away.  The only thing you may want to watch is that they are not passing back and forth to the same person.  The ball must not ever go back to the person it was passed from.

Beth Kennedy
Horizon Community Learning Center     Phoenix, AZ