Compiled By
Evelyn D. Bozeman

This booklet has been formulated as a ready to use resource guide for all who use music in their primary physical education programs. It has also been formulated for all teachers who have wanted to use music but were afraid to try it. These are tried and tested musical activities that were sent to me by physical education teachers from The USPE- List. I would like to thank all who responded to the call , and have shared with the list , your favorite movement activities set to music. If you have any questions, please contact the teacher who submitted the musical activity.

1. Album-we all live together #2 by Greg and Steve---Youngheart records
Activity: Listen and Move ( excellent for locomotor warm-up and practice)
Side 1 # 6 (K-2) I used this one also, it's great-Evelyn

2. Mousercise record, by Disney
Activity: Step in time
Submitted by: Barb Smith

1. Tape-"All time Favorite Dances" side 1-the twist, limbo rock, and chicken dance
side 2- Hockey Pokey, Conga line, Alley Cat and Bunny hop
Kimbo Educational Records 1-800-631`-2187 cost- $10.95---Cass. And Guide Flower Hill Elementary School.

Submitted by: Theresa Matthews-Donovan Huntington Long Island, NY. APE-Primary

1 Album- "Get Ready To Square Dance" (simple square dance music) Educational Record Center - 6EA 68(tape) 6EA 68D (CD)

2. Album- "Me And MY Bean Bag" Education Record Center 6KB 9111C

3. Tape- " Kids In Motion" by Greg and Steve (Creative Movement- The kids create the movement from the cues)
Youngheart Records
PO Box 27784
Los Angeles CA. 90027

4. I wish I could tell everyone where to get a tape I have called "KID MIX" its all the types of music kids like. We use it for stations, running, jumping rope and anything else I can think of. I bought it about 5 years ago at national PE convention in New Orleans. Havent seen it since. Its music with a beat that kids like, its continuous, so you can easily use it for station work. ( check with Bunny on this one)

5. There is another tape that I have titled "MICKEY UNRAPPED" I use this tape a lot also. The kids love it. Even the 5th graders. It is full of popular type songs but the words have been changed. Mickey, Minnie and the whole gang sing the songs. ( again check with Bunny on this one also)
Submitted By: Bunny Klein
Wright Ele. School
Fort Walton beach, Fl. 32547

Album "Action Songs For Everyday" Vol. 1 By Ruth White,
Tom Thumb Records # T- 316
Musical Numbers
Feeling Fine(warm-up)
Daddy Longlegs(creative)
The Circus(creative)
The birds(jogging-running-warm-up)

2. Album -Kimbo 7054 " Get A Good Start"
By Georgiana L. Stewart Kimbo Educational
PO Box 477
Long Branch, NJ 07740 Musical Numbers
1. Warm-Up Time
2. Jumping Jack( slow motion JJ for pre-K- 2.
3. Bendable and Stretchable
4. Ready Set Go( Locomotor skills)
5. Simon Says Jog Along(jogging)

3. Album " We All Live Together" Vol. 3, by Greg and Steve -Youngheart Record
Musical number
1. Disco Limbo (the kids love this one. I used hockey sticks with the blades removed as poles, this way I could have several lines. The wait is too long with one pole. First graders are very good at this. (flexibility)

4. William Tell Overture( lone ranger music) 3 minutes of jogging music
Glen Campbell's Classical Guitar version is nice or you can use the London Philharmonic Orchestra Version. I used both.

5. Tape-" For Our Children,"
By Disney(walt disney Records) # 60616-0
Musical number
1. Itsy Bitsy Spider by Little Richard( rock and role style) Create your own spider dance. Good exercise. First and second love this one.
If you know Don Puckett, from N.C., he did the spider dance at a New York State convention a few years back, I just loved it.
Thank you Don.

6. Record "-Gonna Fly Now"
Theme From Rocky
Good Jogging music.

7. Record " Lets Twist Again"
45 rpm by Chubby Checker
Good exercise music.

8. Record " Chariots Of Fire"
Vangelis 45 rpm
Good jogging music

9. Album " Motor Fitness Rhythum Games" AR96 by:
R. Hallum & J. Capon Educational Activities
Freeport, N.Y. 11520
Musical Numbers
1. Mr, Motor Mouth ( warm-up)
2. Paper Ball Magic ( Ball handling ) leroy brown music
3. Catalystic Movement- Creative mirroring) Ice Castles Music( 3rd girls love this )Partners, one leads the movement the other follow exactly.

10. Album T 311 " Action Songs For Indoor Days"
by David White, Tom Thumb Records.
Rhythms productions, Whitney Bldg.
Box 34485,
Los Angeles, Ca. 90034
Musical numbers
1. Everybody Go Around( locomotor Skills)
2. What would you like to be( spatial relations, up , down, around and side to side.

11. Album-Kim 9068" All Time Favorite Children"s Games"
Kimbo Educational,
POBox 477,
Long Branch, NJ. 07740
Musical Numbers
1. Follow the leader( listening skills, visual perception and leadership)
2. Statues( Gross Locomotor, gallop, tip-toe,skip,muscular control and balance)
3. Through The Gates Of Town( muscular control, timing, listening skills and locomotor skills)
4. Color Game(color recognition, sequencing , cool down game.
5. Leader Of The Band( circle cool down game)visual tracking, listening skills

12. Album - AR 79 " It's Action Time- Let's Move "
by Henry "Buzz" Glass.
Educational Activities,Inc.
PO Box 392,
Freeport, NY> 11520
Musical Number
1. Ride, Cowboy, Ride(movement exploration- good jogging , running warm-up)

13. Album-AR 533 "Creative Movement and Rhythmic Expression"
by Hap Palmer,
Educational Activities. Inc.
Freeport, NY. 11520
Musical Number
1. Moving Game- Part 1 ( can you move like a big jet plane) example
2. Moving Game -Part 2( Can you move like you're playing ball, bouncing, catching and throwing a ball)

Album-AR 617 "Sally The Swinging Snake"
By Hap Palmer,
Educational Activities, Inc.
Box 392
, Freeport, New York. 11520

Musical Number
1. sally the swinging snake( K-1 use 3 or 6 foot jump ropes for snakes or the kids can pretend to be a snake. Cut clothes line in three foot sections for snakes. Each child need a snake)
2. Wiggy Wiggy Wiggles ( all the kids love this one, since this is what they do best, wiggle)

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