This can be used as an instant activity using warm-up exercises,locomotor skills or various lead-up team sport activities. The teacher may use foam dice or math problems to decide which mode of beginning best suits the abilities of the class. From tagboard or posterboard make a ladder looking visual aid.

                2.      ---------------------------------   Hops/skips/dribble
                3.                  GALLOP                      
                4.      ----------------Jog-------------------Jumping jacks/gallop/figure 8
                5.      --------------------etc.--------------Jog in place/slide/bounce pass
                6.      -----------------------------------push-ups/leap/chest pass

Roll the die,if it lands with a total of(6),then the student must either do push-ups,a leap or a chest pass depending what skill the teacher decides,whether the teacher's emphasis is on skills,locomotion or skills. If the teacher wants to use math probblems such as 7-1=?(6)..or may use multimedia excerpts like how many musketeers on a candy bar(3) will increase listening skills.Choose a child to roll the die or class leaded as a demonstrator.Use imagination to heighten interest and critical thinking skills.

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