Four Square rules
    Make a square and number squares 1-4.
    The game begins with number one dropping the ball and hitting it
underhanded into any of the other
      squares.  The person standing in that square lets the ball bounce
in their square, before hitting it               underhanded to any other
square.  The game continues until the ball is hit out of bounds or a player
can not retrieve the ball.  If the player in square number one loses, each
of the players move up one square and a new number one comes into play.
Player number one moves to square four.  Play with any kind of ball that
bounces well.

     TEAM 4 SQUARE-(pairs)---There will be 8 players to a court (4 teams
of two players).  One teammate stands outside the four square area ready
to enter.  The other is in the court.  After a player in a square strikes
the ball, she moves to the outside area and the teammate enters the court
and gets ready to strike the next ball that comes into the respective
square.  The rest of the rules are the same as regular four square.   Hope this
helps!   Pat from KS.