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The game is played with modified rules of volleyball, yet the net is lowered to tennis level. Students use a big bouncy ball. Students have three chances to get the ball over the net to the other team. The ball must bounce between each hit. Students form three lines...the smaller the team, the more challenging. There are two servers...the back right server and the front right server (if facing the net). The back right server sets the ball and bounces it to the front right server (who is facing the back right server). The front right server then bumps the ball over the net (with back to the net) to the other team. The ball must bounce before the opposing team returns it. Remember, it must bounce between each hit. Attack serves are not allowed. That is, the serve must go in an upward motion, not straight down to the opposing team. After the serve, spikes are allowed as long as the body does not touch the net or breaks the plain. This game can be played with two on two....VERY CHALLENGING! We had tournaments, then the winner played the teachers! ANYONE can play this game.

Jan Arnold
Gordon Lee Middle School
Chickamauga, Georgia