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The Game of Survivor


 Objective:  To develop cardiovascular fitness.


Divide class into two teams.

Use the square on the gym floor.

Line half of one team on a line in the middle of the gymnasium.

Half of the opposing team “tribe” will be on the outside of the square.


When the music begins students will be timed for two minutes.


The tribe in the square will jump or hopping back and forth over the line, they may do it sideways or forward back motion. If a student stops jumping or hopping they must sit down.


The “tribe” on the outside of the square will jog around the square for the two minutes. If a tribe member stops running they must sit down.


The teams “tribes” will receive points for each person standing at the end of two minutes.


The students will switch with the jumpers becoming the joggers and the joggers becoming the jumpers.

Repeat the two minute sessions rotating groups in and out.

Total up the survivors to see who won.


*You may divide the teams up into two to allow for a rest station for two minutes and they can cheer their tribe members.


*Suggested music:  Theme song to “Survivor”

                                I’m a Survivor

                                Destiny Child’s Survivor



*Groups on the middle line must keep hopping while in line, one at a time shooting lay ups. For each lay up scored an additional point for that tribe is received.

*Groups in the middle may do volleyball sets to try and score a basket. Each point scored is added to tribes’ total points.

*Groups in the middle could jump rope and not stop for more than three seconds during the two minute interval.

*Choices are unlimited depending on what section of the curriculum you are working on.