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Basic skills of trapping,passing,kicking,goalie play,teamwork Throwing,catching,defense stategy

Three positions of players,goalies and sideline in a gym or outside area.

           ^ xxxxxxxx ^ Goalies(^ are cones)
                x                       x
                x               x 
 Sideline           x               x            x       x  Players

To soccer kick the ball between cones(3 points)
To run around cones(1Point)
To pass three or more times to teammates and run around cones for (6 Points)

Football is placed on the field with a soccer kick-off to start the game. All soccer rules are ulilized but there is no penalty for use of hands. The ball may not be picked up. If the ball enters the sideline or goalie area,they throw to teammate, the players in the middle. Each player is equipped with a rip tag belt or game jersey that is tucked into back pocket. When a player catches the ball and runs,the opposition(defense) may pull off tag. At this point, the football is placed on the ground and the game continues with a soccer kick.Switch positions often to have each child experience different facets of team play.

encourage teamwork of more passing to teammates score between cones may go above head level goalie starts play after each score and soccer kick-off after each rotation of positions.

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