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Appropriate grades:4-8
Divide into two teams-subdivide each team into three groups-I call them lions,tigers, and bears. One team wears pinnies.
first group(lions) begin as active players.They may go anywhere on court except behind baseline.
Other groups are goalies and must stay behind baseline. goalies may kick,catch, and throw ball.
Active players may soccer dribble, but not basketball dribble, must kick/dribble the ball if its on the floor(rolling). If the ball is in the air or bouncing they can catch,throw,pass and shoot it.They may take only one step when in possession of the ball.
Scoring:Three ways to score: 1.-One point for kicking the ball so it hits the wall below the 8' mark you could use tape or paint a line 7-8' above floor
2. Two points for throwing the ball so it hits the wall below the 8' mark the throw must be made from behind the free throw line extended.
3. Three points for making a basket at one of the baskets on the opponent's end of the gym.
Fouls-Use basketball rules- for contact fouls award player a choice of a free kick, free throw at wall or free throw at basket.
Rotate active players every two minutes.
I use an indoor soccer ball or foam ball.
I've used this game for 4 years, its well received and promotes team work, strategy, and critical thinking.

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