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Robin's Nest

Equipment: 5 hoops, 7 balls, 4 teams of 3-8 players Age- 8 and up

Students are divided into four teams and given a number (1,2,3,4 ...). Each teamhas a "nest" or home base. Seven balls are placed in a hoop that is situated in the middle of the gym. The other four hoops are spaced out in a circular fashion about 8metres from the center hoop. The teams are sitting down in a straight line about two metres from their hoop. The teacher calls out a number (1,2,3,4,...) and that student from each team must run to the center hoop, get a ball and place it in their hoop (nest). The object is to get 3 balls into your nest first. Rules state that you cannot protect your nest or prevent anybody from stealing a ball from your nest. You must place the ball in the hoop- not throw it into the hoop. You can only take ONE ball at a time and you may steal from the other nests at any time. The teammates sitting down try to direct their "robin" to steal from a nest that has 2 balls into their nest. The same person continues running until one of the four people gets 3 balls in his/her nest. This team receives 1 point and the teacher can call a new number to start another round. You can increase the number of teams by adding hoops. The number of balls you place in the middle is (number of hoops X 2) subtract 1.

A great active game that students love to play!!!
Hope you enjoy it!!

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