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"Pop Can Run"

Pop(soda) cans of different brands(Pepsi,coke,sprite,etc.)
Lines of 4-6 depending on # of cans
Toss cans at random in front of the lines. Object is to take the assigned can and build a pyramid of cans without having them fall down. Three on the bottom,then two,then one.(i.e.all Pepsi's,all cokes are teams)

Toss cans at random,collect any brand,most wins(relay lines)
(2) Choose one tagger per group and make sure the tagger dosen't tag own teammate. If tagged,drop can and next person goes. If can is stolen,place in teams space and next person goes. Most cans wins. Change taggers often.
(3) Pyramid bowling- set up cans(3,2,1). Place a person behind each "pyramid". The first person in each line rolls a nerf ball into cans. When knocked down,each person runs in order around cans(one at a time). The person behind cans,who is from another team,sets up the cans. When done, the running team scores one point for each person that goes around cans and back to tag next person. Switch "setters" often.

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