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I found this game in Great Activities and it was submitted by Sally White of Palm Bay Elementary in Palm Bay, Florida. I've used this game both inside and out. It is lots of fun!!

Pirate Ball is na extremely fast-paced running and dodging activity.

Equipment Needed: 9 cones, 8 hula hoops( 2 hoops of each color), flag football belts, 4 green balls, 4 red balls, 4 yellow balls, and 4 blue balls, blue, red, yellow, and green pinnies.

Game Set-up: This game is much like the game of "Capture the Flag". The students(pirates) are divided into four groups on a large playing field marked by cones(one large square divided in 4 equal smaller squares). Every player has a flag football belt.

The four teams are placed in their home territory--blue, red, green, or yellow(there should be two hula hoops of that color in the outside corner of their home territory). One of those hula hoops is the treasure chest consisting of four different colored utility balls(or other suitable items). The other hula hoop is the jail area.

How to Play:

The game has few simple rules to follow--

1.) Each group has a treasure chest with a blue, red, yellow, and green ball. The object of the game is to get your group's colored balls from the other three groups by crossing over the restraining lines, grabbing the ball, and taking it back to your home territory with out getting a flag pulled. Each team will try to get all four of its colored balls to win. The ball must be carried across the line and it may not be thrown. If a player runs through another territory after grabbing a ball and s/he is tagged the tagging team keeps the ball. The ball does not go back to the original territory.

2.) If a player gets his/her belt pulled, he/she must go to the waiting area(Jail) where the belt was pulled. In order to get out of jail, a fellow teammate has to safely reach the jail without getting his/her flag pulled by the opponent. The player in jail gets "freebacks" however the fellow teammate is still eligible to have a flag pulled.

3.) Students may not guard the treasure chests or the jails.

Variations: Outside--use trees, bushes etc. to hide behind and "sneak" to grab the ball

Inside: use mats, barrels, etc to hid behind or "sneak" around.

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