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Activity: North, South, East and West

Grades: K - 5

Equipment: Compass if available

Introduction: A great activity to introduce the skill of orienteering !

Activity: The teacher discusses with the class the purpose of a compass and how to determine the direction of North. Someone from the group is asked to select an object that lies directly north or you can place a cone North of the class. Then the group decides where South would be and a cone is placed there and the same is done with East and West. Everyone assembles in the center of the playing area. The leader calls out 'North', 'South', 'East' or 'West', and everyone runs around the object that lies in that direction. The variations can include different locomotor skills while moving around the cones. Including the directions of NE, NW, SE, SW,. Posing questions instead of calling out points of a compass. What direction does the sun rise? What direction does the sun set? What direction is the ocean? What direction is a state? A river? A local landmark, Ect. Ect.

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