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Grade Level - 3-6
Equipment - 4 polyspots, 8 cones, 4 hula hoops, about 70 tongue depressors, 4 blank maps of the U.S., 4 pencils

Divide the class into 4 teams - relay style. Each team stands behind a polyspot. Write the names of all 50 states on the tongue depressors, (1 state on each depressor), and spread them, along with the blanks, in general space in front of the relay teams.
Place the cones around the perimeter of the general space that contains the tongue depressors.
On your signal, the first person on each team uses a locomotor movement to move around the outside of the cones. When s/he gets back to his team, he tags the next person in line. That person then starts his lap while the first person goes into general space and picks up a tongue depressor. The tongue depressor is placed in the hula hoop, which is behind the team. When a team has 10 states inside their hoop, they go to the instructor to get a blank map and pencil. The team then marks the ten states that they picked up with the correct name of the state in the proper place.

This is a great integrated lesson and can be adapted by using capitals, math problems, letters, etc. Use your imagination!

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