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Holiday game:
Bootiful idea for Halloween

flashlights( at least 1 for every 2-3 students); laminated ghosts in all shapes and sizes Age groups: I have done this activity with 1-6 grades adding more challenging ideas to older grades.

Place ghosts anywhere in the gymnasium: back of backboards, ceiling if you can get them to the ceiling, floor, walls, anywhere you would like to put them. Use sticky tape so it holds.

If possible, have windows covered with balck paper. The darker the better. Give options to students who may be alittle nervous at first. Have them watch the other groups with you as you walk around and supervise.

Each group locates a ghost and performs the idea written on the ghost. example: jumping jacks, push-ups, do a lap safely, sing row, row, row your boat, sing the school song, etc....

Everyone in group needs to complete the task together before going to hunt for another ghost. Take turns sharing the flashlight.

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