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Halloween Happenings

I divide my students into squads of 4 to 6 and run these as relays for the individual squads. I set up 10 stations a day ( I have double classes, so for single classes 5 would probably do fine). I have my grade 5 & 6 students run the stations. I rotate the students every 5 minutes and usually go through 5 a class. I don't keep score, but if you want to these are easily adapted to scoring. I would set up the stations with double the amount of equipment listed below.

1. Witches Run
Equipment: cape, hat, hockey stick (broom), nerf ball, two pylons, tape to designate starting lines First player dresses in witch's costume, picks up broom and sweeps ball in and out of pylons and back again.

2. Haunted House
Equip - 3 pylons, ball (made to look like pumpkin) hoop, rubber snake.(skipping rope), tape to designate start and finish line Run to ball - bounce in hoop 3 times - back/forth over snake dribble through pylons . When first player is finished second player begins

3. Feed Dracula
Equip - Dracula picture, spiders( badminton birdies with black yarn tied to netting for legs), tape or pylons for throwing line. >From the designated throwing area, first player throws spider into Dracula's mouth.

4. The Ghost Riders
Equipment - mask, scooter, pylons, tape or pylons to show start and finish lines. First player puts on mask and sits on scooter. He or she travels around pylon and back.

5. Trick or Treat
Equipment - hoop, scoop, three Halloween Treats (beanbags), tape or pylons for start and finish lines. First player runs, picks up the scoop and has to make three consecutive tosses catching all the treats in the scoop. First player must tag the second player to begin.

4. Capture the Ghost
Equipment - ghost (ball on top of pylon), hoop, line on gym floor to designate throwing line >From a designated throwing line, first player tosses hoop around the ghost. (without the ghost's head falling off)

7. Spider Walk
Equipment - bench, plastic spider (beanbag), tape or pylon to designate start and finish line. First player assumes crab walk position and hold a spider on his or her tummy and moves along the length of a bench. First player then runs back and gives the spider to the 2nd person.

8. Flying Bat
Equipment - cauldron (wastepaper basket covered with black paper), plastic bat (small low bounce ball), three hurdles (6 pylons and 3 hockey sticks, tape or pylons to designate throwing line 1st player starts by standing at the cauldron. On signal, second player clears the three hurdles and tosses the bat into the cauldron from the designated throwing line. 1st player then runs bat back to 3rd player. As soon as the 3rd players has cleared the hurdles and tosses the bat, 2nd player, who is standing at the cauldron, runs the bat back to the 4th player, and so on.

9. Cauldron Throw
Equipment - large garbage can made to look like a witch's cauldron,, hand mirror and items to throw, bat, spider, snake (ball beanbag, badminton birdie) >From a designated distance, student stands with her back to the cauldron, and by looking at a mirror, attempts to throw item into cauldron.

10.. Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern
Equipment - a picture of a large pumpkin mounted on wall or bulletin board, strip of velcro where nose should be, small nerf balls Each player stands behind the designated throwing line and tries to throw the pumpkin's nose onto it.

11. Monster Grab
Equipment - large monster taped on wall, with hoop as mouth target or hand target. nerf frisbees >From a designated line, throw frisbee into mouth (or arms) of monster

12. Roll the Pumpkin
Equipment - cage ball (earthball) and pylons Roll pumpkin around pylon and back

13. Pumpkin bowling-
Equipment - ball, skittles, (or milk cartons) Bowl the pumpkins at the milk cartons

14. Soccer Ghoul -
Equipment - 2 pylons with ghost picture on them to designate a goal. (or a hockey net for goal), nerf soccer ball , Stand behind designated line to attempt a soccer goal

15. Rattle the Bones
Equipment -You will need a picture of a skeleton that can be attached to the wall or an inflatable or plastic skeleton that can be suspended from a basketball hoop. You will also need two beanbags or light weight balls. Try to hit the skeleton by throwing from behind desginated line.

16. I'm Bats About Halloween.
Euipment :You will need a batting tee, a plastic ball, and a light weight ball. Try their hand at batting

17. Spider's Web -
Equipment - hockey net, hockey sticks, balls, spiders(Cosom balls), 2 pylons, Hang spiders on net. Stand behind the line and try to shoot the ball into the net. More points if you hit a spider.

18. Cat Climb
Equipment - Canadian Climber, cat posters Tape cats at various levels behind the climber - don't pull the climber out. Students climb as high as they feel safe and see how many cats they can touch.

19. Buzzard's Drop
Equipment - 2 climbing ropes, 2 buckets, 6 beanbags, 1 port-a-pit. Player takes hold of rope (must have both feet off the port-a-pit), takes beanbag in one hand and drops beanbag into the bucket.

20. Black Cat Hustle
Equipment: 4 garbage bags (2 spares), scissors to make new cat suits), 2 pylons First person puts on the black cat suit (black garbage bag with hole for head and arms cut out), runs on all fours to pylon and back, takes off suit and give to next player.

21. Tombstone Tour
Equipment - 2 scooter, 6 pylons, 6 brown paper bags placed over pylons decorated as tombstones. Relay - each player takes their turn in and out of pylons on scooters

23. Earthworm Slime
Equipment - attachable mats(, if not using scooters) enough scooters for whole team students lie on their tummies (on scooter) holding student's in front feet and slither like a segmented earthworm to the pylon and back. Works well without scooters.

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