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Grades 2-8

Lots of balls of any kind which are soft enough to be hit with safety.
8-10 barriers (anything which students can safely hide behind such as mats set up on sides, boxes, chairs, wastebaskets, ect.)

Barriers are set up in two rows on gym floor. Students are divided into 2 teams. One team with balls stands behind a throwing line several feet in front of the barriers. Other team lines up at one end of gym to take turns running, one student at a time, to 1st barrier, then 2nd barrier, then 3rd, etc., through entire course of barriers, attempting to touch red tape X on wall near last barrier. If successful in touching red X without getting hit by ball, your team scores 1 pt. If you get hit anywhere along the way, go to end of runners' line. 2nd runner may start when 1st barrier is not occupied, 3rd runner may start when 2nd runner has left 1st barrier; in other words, next runner must wait until barrier in front of him is not occupied to advance. As needed, call time-out to retreive balls and get ready to resume game at the signal. This is a take-off of one of the American Gladiator games from TV. The kids love the hiding and dodging and throwing at a moving target. You may set a time limit for each team to be the runners or trade running and throwing teams when each player has had a turn running.

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