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Paul Rogers

Game Project


Non-Stop Cricketball



      This game can be played indoor or outside.

      Two teams of even numbers.

      Age group, 8 or older

      Equipment needed, 1 soccer size ball, 2 markers and 3 skittle like objects.

      Field set up as below.




^ ^ ^ 0000000000

* 0




* +

+ +



+ +



+ +






^ = Skittles

* = Markers

0 = Team 1

+ = Team 2





      One team kicks, one team fields

      Bowler bowls under arm from the cone shown above, below waist height.

      If the kicker connects with the ball they have to run to the marker and back. They can run as many times as they want.

      As soon as the bowler has the ball back they can bowl towards the target.

      If the target is hit with the ball by the bowler only the person who is kicking is out.

      If the ball is caught you are out.

      As soon as you are out the next person is in and the bowler does not have to wait to bowl.

      Each person goes through twice.

      Kicking team must stay in order.

      Fielding team will have a bowler, wicket keeper and the rest of the team will field.