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Dodge Bowl
Grades 3-7
8 foam balls, (or covered foam balls)
10 bowling pins

Game Objective: To knock over all of the other team's bowling pins.
Game Strengths:
-Fast paced, dodge-ball like game.
-Focus is on knocking over pins rather than just hitting opponents. -hit players can continue playing.
Game Rules:
The class is divided into 2 teams. The gym is also divided in half, with each team on one half. Five bowling pins are set up at the back of each team's court (usually on the base line). The bowling pins should be spread out along the base line approximately 2m apart. To start the game the 8 balls are placed in the centre of the court and each team is lined up in front of their bowling pins. On command the teams run to get the balls and they can begin throwing them. Each team is trying to knock over the other team's bowling pins, which cannot be placed upright once knocked over. Even if a pin is knocked over accidently by it's own team it can't be replaced. While this is going on the students can also throw balls at the opponents in order to try and hit them below the chest. The players can use their hands to block shots and in this case they are not considered hit. If a player is hit below the chest, then that plyer must join the other team. As the game progresses it is possible, and quite likely, that one team will outnumber the other. When the final pin falls the game is over.

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