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Hamburger Relay
This is a fun relay-race game in which students become waiters and waitresses.
Use 4-8 lines across with any number of students per line.
Each line leader balances a small-ball "hamburger" on a fisbee "tray".
On your signal the first waitperson moves to a distant line using the locomotor skill of choice. If a student's ball falls from the frisbee to the floor, he/she must perform 3 good jumping jacks before continuing.
After the waitperson reaches the distant line, he/she returns to the starting line and relays the "tray and burger" to the next player.
Continue until all players have run the relay.
Teachers can "ham it up" by making funny comments to the waitstaf: "Bring me a Happy Meal and chocolate shake.", "Hey, don't drop my burger on the dirty floor!", etc.
Have fun and bon appetite!

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