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6 Base Kickball
This idea came from Mrs. Lebo at Junction City Middle School.
6 Bases, Kickball.  Can be played indoors or out.
Basic kickball rules except:
More than one runner may be on a base.  Runners return to the base when they are up to bat again.
Bases are places on the corners of the gym.  Two bases at the half court line.  The only foul is to the right of the first base line. 
After kicking, players run across the baseline to first base. They will proceed to second base at the halfcourt line.  Third base is across the half court line. Fourth base is at the other baseline.  Fifth base is across the far baseline.  Sixth base is returning home, across the length of the gym.
Players are out if the ball is caught, forced at first only, or if they are hit below the shoulders. Runners must stop when the ball is thrown to the pitcher in the center circle area.  If they are not halfway to a base other than first, they must return to their previous base.


Larry Myers