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Separate the students into pairs and have them line up one after the other along your end line.  Example:  x     x      x      x       x      x      x
                       x     x      x      x       x      x      x
Assign each pair a card value.  Example Ace, King Queen, Jack , 10, etc.
At the other end of the gym randomly put the cards face down.  The object is for the students to run down, one person from a pair at a time, flip over a card and see if it matches what they were given.  If it matches they keep the card, if it does not they turn it back over and jog back to their partner and then their partner does the same thing.  When the pair has 4 cards they bring them to the teacher and quietly stretch at a designated area until all the others are done.  This is a great warm up game for grades 1 - 5.